When low on reserves, harness the powerful energy, life and love from mother nature. ~ Shannon Bileski

I have a passion for photography, specifically Aurora, the night skies and storms...but really anything that mother natures throws my way that brings me energy and fills me with joy! 

Growing up in a small northern remote town in Manitoba, Canada, I found being outdoors, exploring and going on adventures was always a treat. At the young age of 6, I had dreams of tornadoes and storms, which fueled my passion to photograph lightning. Using an old cheap film camera and ISO 800 film....I DID! At 12 years old, you cannot imagine how excited I was! 

Fast forward almost 20 years, I saw my first tornado and began my unstoppable journey into the DSLR world and learning everything I absolutely could about photography and defining my niche and style into the photography world. I pour my passion and need for perfection into everything I do and hope you see this as you venture through this site!

I currently reside in East Selkirk, Manitoba where I work full time as a Solutions Analyst. Photography not only is a passion in my spare time, but allows me to be creative and share the vision I see of the world and my surroundings.