Perseids Milkyway Magic

I'm excited to present you with the first in the Magic Series to be minted and my Genesis piece on!

Magic happens when an event  happens that is so wonderful, strange, or unexpected that it seems as if supernatural powers have caused it.

This magic moment all starts with perfect the perfect alignment of time, moon cycle, low ambient light, 0 clouds, 0 moisture in the atmosphere. There are only so many nights in a year where they are perfect and this was one of those few special nights!

After driving over 700 kms (just over 7 hours) to Castle Butte in Happy Valley, Saskatchewan in Canada, I met up with my good friend and fellow photographer to shoot the annual perseids meteor shower and to celebrate her birthday!

After sharing dinner, scouting out areas to shoot from, getting all the settings down and setting up, we watched as the sun went down and  incredible crisp clear dark skies emerged bright with a visible milkyway and millions of stars! We watched in absolute wonder as meteors actively zipped overhead.

The magic happened as the clock struck midnight, I pulled out the mini Black Forest cake I purchased back home and was lighting the sparklers to surprise my purely positive friend when I saw this brilliant meteor streak through the sky right in front my camera! It was incredible, I let a big WOOOOAAAH in awe of the magical moment and lit the sparklers! What a magical moment, so powerful and awe inspiring!

We slept for a couple of hours and took in the sunrise and a couple of coffees before driving home, replaying the night in my head as I drove back. It's nights like this that breathes life into my soul and re-energizes me, like pure MAGIC!