My First Week in NFTs

September 26, 2021  •  1 Comment

First, what are NFTs?

Check out this article of what it is and how to get into it. 

At a high level, it is like owning a digital piece of art (like one you can hang on your wall) that you OWN. You don’t own the copyright (unless that is what is agreed to), it is literally JUST like an original piece of art on your wall, only it is a digital copy you own. There are digital galleries that you can show off and share. It is the NEW and exciting space that is taking the world by storm…BUT the amazing is all about artists getting the love and attention that they deserve!

What I’ve learned about NFTs and the NFT Community so far…

***this is for anyone interested in entering the space, in the space or anyone curious about NFTs and what they mean***

I have been in the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space for exactly one week now! I have been interested in learning more and getting my art and myself out there more, but like many others,  have been hesitant. I have jumped into this with two feet, not expecting anything,  nor worrying about losing my initial investment. I love the idea of NFTs and am curious; I want to learn, support the concept and get myself out there while supporting others who inspired me to enter this space. 

  1. There is SO much art and photography out there! OMG, my mind is blown! So many incredible artists and talent! I felt inspired and at the same time, if I am honest, started feeling a little inadequate and anxious!  I struggled with why someone would want my art/imagery. I came to the conclusion, I do my art for me, as it brings me peace, it gets me out living. I want to be as authentic as possible, which means I am not exclusively driven in selling myself or my art. If someone likes it great, if not, that is ok too. WHAT I do love is the interaction with people and the ability to gain inspiration from everyone! Mostly everyone is approachable and willing to share and support you! It's amazing!  

  2. It is OVERWHELMING! There is SO much to learn, and quite honestly, a lot of it seems pretty complex. If you choose to dive into this endeavor, you will definitely want to learn about cryptocurrency, namely: the terms, the concept and the space. It is changing quickly, so stay on top of news and what is happening in the space.  As well, look at my list of resources/links below of what I have used (and found valuable) to hopefully save you some time! 

  3. The space and cryptocurrency have been changing so RAPIDLY, I am afraid to miss out and the FOMO (fear of missing out) is frequently brought up. It is real and it has to be managed by you. Realistically, understand what time you have and what you can invest and keep it real! (@DopplerJess is an inspiration in this area and is willing to share her experience and is not afraid to share about when it is too much). 

  4. The community is AWESOME! I am learning very quickly that building connections in the NFT community is key to selling your artwork. Sharing not Shilling (thanks @LoriGraceBailey). Honestly, the hardest part about this is putting yourself out there. If you are an extrovert, you will have NO problem. It is the introverts and shy ones like me that will struggle at first, but I am finding everyone honestly wants you to succeed and know you better…well the 80/20 rule anyways lol! Jumping into this with two feet is scary. At the end of the day, the community and the leaders in the community are amazing and are there to help move you and others in the community ahead! It's honestly incredible!

  5. If you are considering entering this space. Make a PLAN. What projects do you want to introduce? What images/art do you want to sell? What story do you have to tell? 

  6. Join spaces, this is important, listen and learn from others. It can be overwhelming and scary to speak up and share about you.  I, 1000%%% get it!! Trust me when I say it gets easier! I have been lucky so far and have had some amazing artists and people in the space guide me, provide me feedback on my profile, encourage me and believe in me. So grateful for them all!  

  7. Get it all together!! Based on experience, I know for myself, I am willing to talk openly and passionately about things I know and love. By having a plan and thinking about your story behind your work, it makes it easier to talk about your passion. It can be intimidating, but I feel it is important if you want to sell your work. Put the hard work in ahead of time and your life will be much better and easier entering the space. NFTs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but the space is growing rapidly. I feel that getting in now with good ideas, unique projects and having new people to invest in, is absolutely incredible! 

  8. One thing that inspired me almost immediately in the space is the charity/giving aspect of NFTs, so many artists are giving all, small or large portions of the proceeds to charity. I LOVE this and think it’s amazing. Once again I quickly became overwhelmed by all the possibilities into how I could help locally and globally and make my selling of art about the giving aspect, but had to pull myself back. Going back to my KISS rule, “Keep It Simple Stupid”.  Do I love to give back to others and the community? Of course I do, but at this time, that is not my sole purpose.  I want it to be about art, which is very important to me. I don’t often advertise how much or what I give to others, it's personal and I will keep it that way. 

  9. For a moment, let’s discuss the environmental aspect of cryptocurrency and the future. I know this is at the forefront of people's minds. I jumped into this knowing there are major advances in the technology to solve this issue and truly believe it is moving in the right direction AND FAST! Look into Cardano more if you are interested. I have posted some links below to help show how this space is changing and changing for the better! 

  10. SCAMMERS – this is a big one. There are a lot of scams and people stealing from wallets. Learn in the spaces about how to protect yourself. Learn the technology to help avoid getting scammed. My first day I was looking for a Foundation invite and came across someone wanting to sell me one. Sickening. There are so many helpful people out there that can help you reach your potential without paying for it. Be true to you and protect yourself. 

In Conclusion, I have learned a lot and still have a lot to learn! 

One of my biggest takeaways, never lose who you are in the process. Do your art for YOU. Remember why you got into it in the first place. Meet people and enjoy their company and their successes! Be inspired and create! Don’t lose yourself in the process. Don't expect ANYTHING.

This weekend I took a step back, a moment to breathe and reflect on what this past week has taught me, and what it has meant to me. Too many thoughts and infinite ideas were running through my mind and ultimately were overwhelming me. I found I was addicted to the spaces and the need to learn and know everyone while being scared to be me and fully understanding what it is that I bring to the table and to this community. I needed to make a plan, start with one project, jot down all my other ideas for future projects and ideas for others (as I lack the talent and skills) and FOCUS. Focus on the one project nearest and dearest to me that I have been just waiting to release and share with the world. Only THEN I feel that I can contribute, share and eventually help others enter the space and shine! I am so thankful for what I have learned so far and the connections I have made in this space. I am truly grateful for everyone, inspired by all your incredible images, digital art and so much more! I look forward to the future of NFTs and what it holds for not only my art but everyone, collectively as a group. It certainly will change the way we look at artists/art in the future.  

A short list of people (in no particular order) who have inspired me, lifted me up, made me feel comfortable and safe and have taught me something over the past week. Follow and learn from them: 

 @DopplerJess, @asong, @pritanka_patel, @DreadlockTvlr (aka Justin), @LaurenThompson, @tagashiStudio, @nftipi, @LilyNicole@LoriGraceBailey, @ShawnA3C, @JudyLindsey, @AbrahannyRodriguez @NFTMillionaire, @Acid@SuzannePothe


Links that have helped me learn more about NFTs and CryptoCurrency

Blockchain Simplified -

Blockchain more information

Great resource to look at for Crypto Currencies:

Etherium vs Cardano:


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback! Would love to hear from you! 

My first NFT mint can be found here:


Thank you *so* much, Shannon, for pulling this together. It's super-helpful for people new to the scene (like me!), and greatly appreciated. Enjoying see you thrive in this space; what goes around, comes around.
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